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The Full Story

The journey began in the summer of 2019. It was coming towards the end of my second year studying at university, in which every project I had completed leading up to that point had been moving image based. I never set out or intended to pursue photography. In fact I hated photography. Instead, I was a passionate video creator, frequently expanding my camera work skills and editing passion projects in Premiere. Videography / video editing had always been my priority. However, it had come to a point where I wanted to experiment with a new format, push myself, think outside the box, and develop new crafts. I loaned out a camera from the university, Canon 6D mark II to be exact, and headed off to central London with some friends. Whilst exploring the city I gave myself the challenge of capturing the capitals most iconic monuments, but doing so in a way that wasn't so 'cliché' and 'touristy'. The images were posted to Instagram which eventually lead to more eyes on my work, and thus paid work and experience opportunities.  I’m constantly looking for new moments to capture on camera. Take a moment to explore my work, and contact me with any questions.

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