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December 2020 | Rivington Pike, Lancashire

Before this point I had always been somewhat scared and hesitant to take on such a project. However, after building on my clientele and portfolio in recent months, I felt strongly that it was the perfect time to take that risk. I had recced the location two months before the official event on the 24th December, testing out new lighting gear I was unfamiliar with, angles, and most importantly choreographing the proposer on where to be positioned when he penultimately drops the exciting question. Fortunately on the day all went to plan, and most importantly the propose said yes!


September 2020 | Whitewell, Lancashire

On this shoot it was my core duty to capture some promotional material, for the Porsche Preston showroom to use for their social media and website. We headed up to Whitewell, in Lancashire, the perfect location for a pristine and slick car like the new 2020 Taycan!


August 2020 | Westminster, London

A very much new and greatly productive experience photographing this medical centre. Going into the shoot, I understood that creating a pristine, and glossy look would be at the up most of importance for this brand.


July 2020 | Preston, Lancashire

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